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Robert Melikyan

London - Dubai - Moscow - Shanghai - New York


About Me

Welcome to my site! My name is Robert and I have lived or a current base in the cities mentioned above!
I like to explore various fields both professional and in self improvement but persistently work towards improvement on my own self.
I am happy to share what I have learned with others as well.
I find one of the most important things is figuring out how people can help each other.


Although this site has been updated for 2020, I have an overhaul in the works. A quick recap: over the past half a year even before COVID spread out of China, I detached from my social presence to focus on my work. After a hectic interview season with multiple cancellations both in Big Tech, Quantitative Finance, I finally opted to take part in an AI/Quantitative Finance Research Team following my Spring internship at Nornickel.

In general, after 3 months of a ketogenic diet + calisthenics + mindfulness, cutting myself off from social media almost completely, and really developing my skills in regards to AI, math, marketing, and more creative pursuits like Music, I am now working on restarting my social channels to share what has been going on over the past 6 months.

I have decided to include a reading list of some of the books I have read so far up to 2020, it is not an exhaustive list, however I plan to add a separate page listing the 200+ books I have memory of reading. Enjoy.

~ Robert

My Reading List

Computer Science
- Computer Science Distilled
- Automate the Boring Stuff
- Algorithms that Changed the World
- Data Structures and Algorithms
- Database Systems Concepts

- Visualization Analysis and Design
- Interactive Data Visualization for the Web
- Shaw Academy's Adobe Illustrator Certification

- The Intelligent Investor
- Applied Corporate Finance
- A Random Walk Down Wallstreet

- Reinventing Your Life
- Start with Why
- Principles (by Ray Dalio)
- 12 Rules for Life
- Mating in Captivity
- State of Affairs
- Atomic Attraction
- 3% Man
- Drop Out and Get Schooled
- How to Think Like Shelock Holmes
- Sapiens

-Forgotten Fire
-WWII by Anthony Beevor

- The Sherlock Holmes Series
- Hamlet
- Othello
- Taming of a Shrew
- All the works of Seamus Heaney and Robert Frost
- The Oresteia
- Arabian Nights
- Tom Sawyer

Works involving Freud, Jung, Adam Smith, etc (to be continued)

Note: This section is pending updates



Independent upcoming projects currently in the pipeline I am working on


Social Media Assistant

Yet another auto-posting/following software? Not quite, although we are still experimenting with Deep Learning models, this one is to help people in deciding what to post that will not only be the most engaging for followers, but aesthetic as well.


Mental Health Advisor

This has been an ongoing project and I have had to change it a few times already, but in collaboration with some mental health professionals the aim is to create an AI - powered app to provide mental health assessments and assistance for free to users, as well as promote healthy habits.


Personalized Quant Team

This one is more recent, and we are just getting a small team together, but so far the draft has been to encourage education in investing. Through automation we can assess how you really are as a person and construct an appropriate investing strategy, as well as help provide tools to learn more and simplify the process. The core is not to give you a trading platform, but rather teach you how to use one.

The Unknown History

Personal experiences that fall outside the scope of the professional resume

E-Commerce (2011)

I was originally trying to find work as a minor, however that proved to be greatly difficult so I researched around other ways. One of the things that stuck out was the steadily emerging e-commerce industry and affiliate marketing.

I worked with it, almost got scammed at the time out of $10,000 but fortunately made it back that summer.

Stocks (ongoing)

I have had a few experiences but I will mention the one that got me started. I was young, fortunately CFD apps were a thing and I hadn't started spending my savings yet. I bought 3 shares of Apple around $120 (pre-split) at the time, left it, and a few years later it was worth $600-700. I was a happy boy and that was when I really got into being fascinated with finance. Other notable ventures was selling my Bitcoin a day before the crash, and experimenting with options based strategies in 2019. I have now taken a more passive approach as I increase my studies in both AI and Quantitative Finance

Entertainment and Real Estate (recently)

I thought I might mention this because was a fairly unique experience taking part in renovations, cleaning, and reopening a night club/lounge. Often times we only see the front but it really is intriguing the management it takes to make the operations fully functional on the back end, from the maintenance to the marketing.

Artificial Intelligence and Consulting

After working in Finance with DeVere International and Marketing with Hackett London, I gained experience in consulting by leading a team in Tamid's consulting project for Intel's GDPR Edge project, as well as for Buy42, a Chinese non-profit looking to expand operations in Shanghai. Currently I have been working on personal Artificial Intelligence programs, and have advised others including on a project for eCommerce marketer Omnisend.

It is my hope to continually expand what I have learned from AI and CS in general, and to apply it to helping others.


I'd be happy to hear from you. You can either send a message below, or through my contact details at the bottom of the page.


Developed new social media profiles. The site will be updated over following weeks.


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